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Mate Coca Strong each box contains 4.2 onz of Crushed coca leaves from the Andes
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Peru Herbals Inc. is a business oriented to produce and distribute the best herbals, natural based supplements available from Peru, to create safe, organic products for your most important health needs. Peruherbals start their commercial operaciones in 1989 and will continue adding more new native herbal products, most of them are organic, pollution free withou pesticides.

We partnership with few local Pharmaceutical companies who produce herbals and natural supplements under the BMP and ISO standards. to assure the all products we distribute worldwide have high quality standards, are safe for human use

PERUherbals.com uses several card processing systems to accept major credit cards as well other payment forms including e-checks, western union, because PERUherbals.com never stores your credit card or bank information. Even though PERUherbals.com and Internet Web Services pride ourselves to provide information about Peruvian Herbs. from all regions




Office Time:

We attend our customers from Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday All emails will be responded in the next 24hours.

There are certain local holidays in some months of the year like the las week of July
The Independence days that takes two or more days. Christmas and Happy New Year are large holidays normally takes two or three days each.

The Online store it is open 24hours a day the 365 days of the year. under normal conditions.




Peru travel packages
Maca root vitality and libido enhancer
Sasha Inchi the Inca Peanut available at Peruherbals.com
The ultimate mix of Aphrodisiac herbs
Super Vitamin C the amazing Peruvian Camu Camu
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