The Andes
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Peru a country rich in natural resources, culture, crafts, heritage,

The Andes are the world's longest continental mountain chain. A They lie as a extended chain of highland accross the South America.

The coast and western Andean slopes are generally dry, with the summer falling between December and April; during the rest of the year, the garúa (coastal fog) moves in and the sun is rarely seen. In the Andes, the dry season is from May to September, while the wet season takes up the remainder of the year. On the eastern slopes of the Andes, the drier months are similar to the highlands, though the wet season (January to April) is more pronounced. back to top

Peru is in western South America and shares borders with Chile to the south, Bolivia (southeast), Brazil (northeast), Colombia (north) and Ecuador (northwest). It has three major regions: a narrow coastal belt, the wide Andean mountains and the Amazon Basin. The coastal strip is predominantly desert, but contains Peru's major cities and its best highway "the Carratera Panamericana". 

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The Andes comprise two principal ranges -Cordillera  Occidental and Oriental - and includes Huascarán  22,000 ft hgh,  Peru's highest mountain.

To the east is the Amazon Basin, a region of tropical lowland, which is drained by  the Maranon and Ucayali rivers. Bird and marine life is abundant along Peru's desert coast, with colonies of sea lion, the Humboldt penguin, Chilean flamingo, Peruvian pelican, Inca tern and the brown booby endemic to the region. Common highland birds include the Andean condor, puna ibis and a variety of hummingbird.

The Andean highlands are also home to camelids such as the llama, alpaca, guanaco and vicuña, while the eastern slopes of the Andes are the haunts of jaguars, spectacled bears and tapirs.  Peru's flora contains a number of hardy and unique plants and herbs,  including patches of Polylepis woodland found at extreme heights. The vast wealth of wildlife is protected in a system of national  parks and reserves with almost 30 areas covering nearly 7% of the country. Peru's climate can be divided into two seasons - wet and dry - though this varies, depending on the geographical region.

Thank to their diversity of regions Peru have an amazing sort of weathers and climate conditions from large desserts along the coast of Peru to tropical rain forest and snow at the Andes. Due to that diversity of weather conditions, let s say that Peru have a the priviledge to have all year long all kind of fruits, vegetables

The Amazonian with their over 22 National Parks that host one of the largest world populations of butterflyes and birds.The tropical rain forest provides a great variety of medicinal plans still unknown for the rest of the world:

People around the world knows about the benefits of the Maca roots as and Extract but many still ignore that there other natural aphrodisiacs in the the Peruvian forest as the Wild Hunarpo, Para Para ( that means up and get strong it) the borraja, chuchiwasi and many other more. When you fly l to the Amazonas or Loreto you will find in the local market a lot of powerful aphrodisiac drinks as the "Rompe Calzon" "RC", Siete Raices ( The seven roots), "Levantate Lazaro" an so. But be careful to try those drinks because nobody can assure that those beverages are prepared under good sanitary conditions always prefer to buy products that are manufactured or produced by a pharmaceutical laboratory , the best suggestion for a tourist is to ask to your tourist guide about whether or not a beverage or herb it is safe for you . In Lima the Nations Capital you can get more almost all of those so called as "miracle beverages" in tabs for example there is a a product that include seven of the most powerful aphrodisiac and "libido booster" in just one tabs.

The Andes it is an amazing set of mountains chain of South America that extends almost compares to the coast of the Pacific, from the Cape Horn to the proximities of Panama. He is one of the greater mountainous systems of the world. The chain has 7,240 km. of length, 241 km. of wide and an average of 3,660 ms of height. From their final narrowing to the south of Chile, the $andes extend in parallel chains by Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. In Venezuela it is divided in three different chains. Throughout its extension, the mountain range rises steeply from the coast of the Pacific.

The elevation and folding of the sedimentarias rocks - of which they are compound Andes- was originated during the cretácico period, when the terrestrial crust of the plate of the Pacific initiated the subduction of the South American plate in the process known like Tectonics of plates. The tectonic forces that were generated by this collision triggered volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, that in some parts elevated the $andes over the 4,500 feet high and it is believe that their origins are dated 28 million years.

All the steps or mountain ports of the Andes located to the north of the Patagonia, are located to high altitude and narrow, are staggered and dangerous.

The road from Arequipa to Puno , in Peru, it is up 12,00 feet high over the sea level; the one from Lima to Tarma and Cerro de Pasco, also in Peru, is to 4,804 ms of height; and the passage of Uspallata, between Mendoza, Argentina and Santiago of Chile, is to 3,900 ms of height. They have had to construct diverse iron routes through these steps, like which it unites Mollendo with Fist, to borders of the Titicaca lake; the central railroad of Peru, that unites Lima and the city of the Basket, considered one of the most impressive works as far as railway construction talks about, and the Transandino railroad.

The Andes lodge numerous volcanos, between which they emphasize the Tungurahua 15,000 feet high, the Cotopaxi
(5,897 ms) and the Chimborazo (6,267 ms), in Ecuador; the Snowed one of Tolima (5,215 ms), in Colombia; and the Llullaillaco (6,723 ms), in the border between Argentina and Chile. Other important places are the Ancohuma (6,550 ms), in Bolivia; the Huascarán (6,768 ms), in Peru; and the Aconcagua (6,959 ms), in Argentina, the highest mountain of the American continent. Within the chain plateaus exist, like the one of Quito (3,050 ms approximately) and the one that is in the Titicaca lake (3,960 ms). The summits are covered by snow from the 1,220 ms of height in the South end of the Patagonia, and its altitude fluctuates between the 4,570 ms and the 5,490 ms in the proximities of the equatorial line.

The rivers that end at the Pacific Ocean are short in route and small in volume, due that rains are seasonal in the Andean region On the opposed, the rivers located at the are wide and provide water in abundance brought by the tradewinds, that produce precipitations as soon as the clouds come near to the Andean mountain range. The rivers of the north of Colombian the $andes end at the Caribbean Sea through the rivers Magdalena, the Cauca and Atrato; in same Caribbean waters, but towards the east, by the Orinoco river; and in the Atlantic by the rivers Negro and Japurá, that are affluent of the Amazon river.

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