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Alternative Medicine from the Peruvian Andes
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  urinary problems? Hormonal Alternative treatments
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Herbals and Alternative Medicine
A country with three regions each with their own ecosystem

Why Should I take a Natural approach.

Physicians and doctors are answering an increasing demand for Herb, plants and alternative treatments to conventional prescription medicine. Many people do not realize that there are thousand of herbs still unknown in Peru. Some distinguish Peruvian researchers such Fernando Cabieses Phd., Antonio Brack Phd, ONU Consultant have been studing the the Peruvian herbs for over four decades and more.

The Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest hosts over 1,400 herbs with medicinal properties but there over 25,000 species still unknown according Dr. A Brack Biologist and Researcher from the ONU.

Peru´s a country with three regions each region with their own ecosystem, Thec Coast, The Andes and the tropical Rain Forests. all regions are rich in medicinal herbs that remains still unknown. here in this web site you will find just a few of those herbs that are produced under high quality standards.

Peru´s give to the world the Coca leaves, Maca, Cats Claw, Achiote, Quinina, Camu Camu and many others.

Today prestigious institution such as The Mayo Clinic are studing the Alternative Medicine and they found that Cats Claw will help to reduce the hypertension.

Alternative and Herbal remedies are rapidly gaining in popularity for the treatment of a variety of ailments. Andean Herbal remedies are available only Online and consumers are increasingly interested in their use.

Natural treatments are the best way to help your body to feel healthy , without exposing them to the dangers of unwanted chemicals and inorganic elements. Natural ways to take care are readily available with the ever increasing awareness, use and popularity of these treatments.

As the prevalence of chronic disease and immune deficiency continue to rise, more and more people are looking for more effective and safer methods of treating disease than are offered by conventional medicine. Herbal remedies are a valuable source in both preventing and treating diseases.

Diseases Herbals 100% Natural

* Cholesterol << THE CAIGUA - Yacon Tea- Manayupa>>
* Stress High Blood pressure << Purple Corn, MateCoca >>
* Energy booster,Vitality << Maca-Kiwicha ?Andean Super Foood >>
* Lack of desire, Libido << WILD HUANARPO >>
* Diabetes problems: << Yacon Leaves, Pasuchaca >>sugar control
* Kidney Stones: << Chanca Piedra >>Urinary Sytem
* Lack of Natural Defenses << Cats Claw roots >> Arthritis, Flu.
* Prostate, << Achiote root, Huamanpinta >>
* Liver Problems << Manayupa>>
* Overweight - Cholesterol. << Yacon roots>
* Fatigue Problems. << MACA 800 >>
* Menopause Treatment HRT << MACA 500 >>

Taking Natural Care of Your Health

You deserve and require better than the standards in regards to their food, medicine, health and treatments. This is precisely why natural herbs are becoming more and more common among us.
Sales of natural herbs and alternative medicine products tripled between 2000 and 2002.
In a recent study, 48% of people reported using alternative therapies in their practices, while another 12% expressed interest.

Today, many people suffer from diet-related diseases such as allergies, skin problems, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, liver and kidney dysfunction.
In addition to a healthy diet, most people need extra help from time to time - whether for more energy, a libido booster, menopause etc .

Natural products offer safe, effective solutions to most health care problems, especially when their use is guided by a holistically minded vet. In today's world, the environmental challenges that we do. Toxins from the environment as well as commercially packaged food containing hormones and artificial preservatives arise in an increase in degenerative diseases, skin problems, allergies and cancer.

Herbal remedies can also help support the body during times of stress such as cancer management and immune system problems. Homeopathic preparations are used by herbals physicians homeopaths to treat problems ranging from cancer to motion sickness.

With education and the guidance of good organic and natural products, people can help to btain optimal health and heal from discomfort and disease through the proper use of Andean herbs .
PERUherbals offers a valuable alternative to conventional medicine. Herbals stores are answering an increasing demand for complementary or alternative treatments to conventional medicine.
Andean Herbs is a natural alternative for healing that works by eliminating the underlying imbalance that is causing the symptoms. Much of modern conventional medicine has become a system of suppressing the symptoms of disease, not curing its cause. Symptoms are an indication of illness; signs that the body is fighting to return to a state of balance. Suppressing the symptoms of disease frequently causes the disease to go deeper, resulting in a different, and often more serious set of symptoms to emerge while the underlying problems go ignored. .
Andean Herbals therapies is rapidly growing in popularity because of its safety and effectiveness. and can be used along with other holistic or conventional treatments. Many holistic veterinarians are using the Maca roots to provides relief for pets, Also the Cats Claw it is extremely useful joint problems and supplements as needed for example the Andean Kiwicha ? Maca ? Quinua with a vainella flavor it is not also a powerful natural energy food for humans but also for Pets.

In conclusion, Andean Herbs is a very welcome addition to providing natural health care for your and even your much beloved pets and companions.

References: Dr. Olaf Shultz? MD Phd. University of Berlin, Germany.

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the Chanca Piedra helps to dissloved kidney stones and pass it pain free. it is a powerful natural anti bacterial and anti spasmodic.


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