PERUherbals, introduce the amazing Sacred Herb of The Incas . Used for thousand years to solve many  common diseases, such as: Diabetes, Kidney Stones, High Cholesterol, Menopause, Libido problems, High blood pressure, Fatigue, Anging.  over  thousand years of proven results, until this days. But modern techlogy make now easy  so there is no need to cooke the herbs or preprare herbs, just  take a pill and that is all.  High quality  manufacturing . On stock the best quality of  MateCoca available in the market, Yacon roots and Yacon leaves as a tea bags or gel or honey, Maca, Pasuchaca, Manayupa, Yacon, Cats Claw, Niruri, Iporuro. and what is a Plus that all our products are 100 Natural. and Organic.
::.MATE COCA.::: The Most Powerful Green Tea in The World - DIABETES ? YACON TEA AND TABS.- MACA ROOT - ELIMINATE PAIN FREE GALL STONES - RSX Aphrodisiac & Libido enhancerBuy Blqack maca BLACK MACA -Camu Camu -RED MACA

Coca leaves Tea
MATE COCA - This is time restricted unique opportunity to try the Secret of the Andes, obtained from the Sacred Valley of Cusco Peru. MateCoca, fresh green crushed coca leaves.
Fresh green crushed coca leaves a 100% natural Product. From the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru $43.00* Plus S&
For those who truly appreciate the good flavor and taste of the most powerful green tea in the world. CAFFEINE FREE.
Andean People have used coca leaf as a remedy for thousands of years. Coca might be useful as a treatment for fatigue , gastrointestinal ailments, stress, reduce axiety and improve motion sickness, as a fast-acting anti-depressed.No addictive no side effects. 100% natural, Organic.

Fast Action

"The Most Powerful
Natural Energy BOOSTER"
200 tabs each of 800 mg.
The Maca is obtained from the pollution free Andean Highlands of Peru.100% natural product. .
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A herb that allows a men to handle more
of life without the same degree of stress taxing her endocrine system.The.
Super Food Anti Aging" That you require .!!.You will not get more natural power or energy at any other place., maca carry no risk of side effects MACA will keep going Special suggested for fitness & sports programs and for any body who needs a great pitch. No side effects not addictive.100% Natural.

Mix of herbs

RSX The Phrodisiac Mix
"CAIGUAWill reduce your High Cholesterol with no side effects.
The hidden Secret. Actually used to as an Aphrodisiac that boost your libido and extend your intimate pleasure time This is true natural male and female aphrodisiac mix 100% natural. Pack pack contains 200 Tabs.
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Sitosterol and other sterols of vegetal origin (as for instance phytosterol) positivily influence the absorption of both cholesterols  ( endogenous and exogenous) reducing further risks dramatically.
Biosynthesis of cholesterol.

No side effects 100% Natural
100% Natural Herbals Products

- Cat´s Claw-
Immune Booster -Anti Inflamatory
Cats Claw is an excellent immune booster and a natural anti-inflamatory, suggested fro thos with arthritis and joint problems.
Cats Claw acts as an anti inflamatory and pain relief agent, as well as promoting tissue healing in joints. Studies show that it can help increase the growth of healthy tissue Fresh green crushed coca leaves a 100% natural Product.Pack 200 tabs $49.90*Plus S&H
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A superb immune natural booster, A recent report from the "Mayo Clinic" . states that the Cats Claw will reduce high blood pressure.
CATS CLAW commonly used for arthritis and joint pain will increase the natural immune system and raise a Bio barrier against several common viruses. also helps with SARS CANCER.Cats Claw it is considered superior.Pack 200 tabs $49.90
-- Camu Camu-
Super Natural Vitamin C
Discover the Power of the Camu Camu
Anti.Oxidant contains
30x Times more vitamin C than any other fruit in the World
A powerful Anti-anging it aids to avoid forein ivaders and combat the bacteriasPack contains 200 tabs each of 800mg.a 100% natural product. Pack 120 tabs $69.50*. Plus S&H
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Helps with the production of collagen, also protect the fat-soluble vitamins A and E as well as fatty acids from oxidation. It aids in neutralizing pollutants. It is needed for antibody production .It has natural antihistamine properties. Neutralize free radicals. Antixidants may prevent chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

- RSX -
- Aphrodisiac Herbs Mix
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Also in stock : Diabetes herbal treatment based on Pasuchaca herbs, Manuyupa helps to detoxified your body, Purple Corn a powerful anti-oxidant- Camu Camu and Sacha Inchi.

MATE COCA - This is time restricted unique opportunity to try the Secret of the Andes, obtained from the Sacred Valley of Cusco Peru. MateCoca, fresh green crushed coca leaves.
Renew Liver cellsA 100% Natural Products that will renew your liver cells as the most advance steam cells
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The most remarkable effects I've seen have been in patients with diabetes. Pasuchaca can have a profound influence on the stabilization of their blood sugar so it is a natural, natural effective hipoglucemiant t great for diabetes and pancreas functions will reduce bad cholesterol.
Yacon  - Regulate Glocose levesl in a natural way. No side effect, 100% natural
The YACON will help to regulate your glucose levels.  Suggested for moderate diabetes problems.
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Yacon is the ideal product for diabetics. The fructose in in the Yacon root consist of 35% free and 25% bonded fructose. Thus carbohydrates can be supplied even when the concentration of blood sugar is low. That prevents diabetics from hyperglycaemia (over-activity).* Regulates the glucose level, Reduce cholesterol
(Available in tea bags and tabs. )
- Black Maca-
Vitality - Libido Enhancer

Organic Black Maca powder.Two times more powerful than any other maca product.
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Black Maca This is a variety of maca that it is 100 organic and natural. No side effects 100%natural

Sacha Inchi This is a unique
Peruvian seed - Inca Peanut that contains
Omega 3, Omega 6
Omega 9

100% Natural

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Kidney Stones

Pain Free
Gall Stones

100% Natural

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Black Maca

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Bur Maca extract, Sacha Inchi oil, Mate Coca, Achiote Forte

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