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BPH Bening Prostate natuaral treatment
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Prostate testing procedures.

Prostate natural treatment

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BPH-45 Healing Herbs a mix of: Achiote,Cats Claw, horse tail.
(Bixa orellana); Annato Family + Uncaria Tormensa

Achiote- CatsClaw Formula  
Bening Prostate Natural treatment
  Effective Prostate herbs
Highly concentrared
  • Reduce prostate gland enlargement.
  • Anti-microbial
  • Improve orinary fluids expulsion
  • Prostate cancer problems
  • Anti aging
  Pack of 200 tabs. each of 350 mg  
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Prostatic Hypertrophy or BPH or bening prostatic hyperplasia it is a male adult disease that cause frecuent urination mosthly at night. it is not a serious disease as the Prostate cancer, so an early test bust be necessary to determine the kind of prostate problem.

The prostate it is a gland found,that can be found between the penis and bladder when prostate get enlarged, cause some pressure over the bladdes and also the urethra that affect the fluid pass trhough it. So when you go to the the rest room to pizz you feel that your bladder t is still not empty and you return many times this is one of the most common symptom, but a test must be mandatory because at times the kidney stones may produce the same symptoms

Natural treatment of the Prostate Hypertrophy with the peruvian Achiote,
the Chiote t is basically a shrub tree, a fruit.This vegetable is is rich in Lycopene's due to its strong red color and non-toxicity. Cultivated in Peru .This herb It is a powerful anti-inflamatory herb, considered beneficial also for healing for the digestive system, liver disease, kidney diseases, urinary problems, prostate cancer.

Because the intense red color it is used to provide red color to several kinds of food products as candies some meals it is also used as paint for ritual to decorate their bodies. There are experimental plots for the extraction of bixin. In North part of Peru, the shoot decoction is considered anti-dysenteric, anti-septic, anti-venereal, aphrodisiac, astringent, febrifugal. Leaves are used to treat skin problems, poultice leaves to eliminate scars, hepatitis, aphrodisiac, anti-dysenteric, anti-pyretic.

To reduce the prostate gland enlargment also used as prostate cancer natural treatment To reduce the

Another research shows that the Achiote have  antiprotozoal, antihelmintic, properties

The achiote flowers are used in infusion as purge and to avoid phlegm in newborn babies. stomachs massages of women in labor with the leaves. ”Kayapo” use it as a body tint. It is said to be an antidote for HCN poison. Seeds believed to be expectorant, the roots, digestive, anti-tussive. Around Explorama fresh leaf stalks, devoid of blades, are inserted into a glass of water; the mucilage that forms is applied in conjunctivitis.

The decoction made of leaves, bark, seeds or the plant is used by the indigenous tribes of Amazon to speed up healing of wounds or burns. Orally applied preparations are considered to stimulate digestion. Fresh seeds can be eaten due to their nutritional value.

The B. orellana seed and leaf extracts are used since ancient times it actually have applications in the food processing due to their source of flavonoids., phenolic, and carotenoids compounds, the antioxidant properties are excellent to avoid its oxidation not only during processing but also during storage period.

The main properties of the Achiote provide relieve for those patients with prostate problems as well to those sufering of kidney stones. there is in the market a mix of herbs that include the Cats Claw and the Chiote this mis it is available in tabs for your conveniene use. have no side effects. Patients suffering of BPH prostate have experience fast results in two days.

Note: Do not alarm if you note that your pis thake an intense red color this is due to the powerful anti-inflamatory action.

Dose :

The dose suggested it is two tabs three times a day before of after meals meals.


Cats Claw
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