Peruvian Herbs that help to reduce bad cholesterol in a natural Way
Caigua, Hercampuri, Pasuchaca are native herbs that helps to reduce bad cholesterol
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reduce high cholesterol in natural way no harmful chemicals
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The ancient Andean Medicine discover the amazing properties of the Caigua. An andean herb that will dramatically reduce overweight in a natural weight no side effects, 100 natural organic.
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       Your overweight reduction program may include the amazing andean CAIGUA to reduce your bad cholesterol
The Best Natural Treatment for Overweight Problems and  Obesity
Caigua Cyclanthera Pedate
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    Suggested for :
  • Overweight
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anti-inflamatory
  • Anti-tumoral
  • Anti-oxidant

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What is Caigua
It is a native plant from Peru some times also named as wild cucumber, .actually used to prepare a very popular the creole meal named as "Guiso Caigua" or "Caigua Rellena", but the folklore medicine medicinal applications to reduce f high cholesterol, high blood pressure and for weight loss the treatments.The Caigua it is classifed for the modern world as an alernative medicine

t's been used by ancient peruvians as alternative natural medicine for several centuries, and is currently being used safely by millions of people.

Will reduce your overweight and burn fat in a easy and natural way. No risks, no side effects 100% natural .

ß-sitosterol is probably the most abundant esterol of plants
and widely distributed. Diverse studies have demonstrated
his clinical effectiveness as agent capable of diminishing
levels of cholesterol, as well as in the treatment of the hiperplasia
prostate benign. The vegetables of the diet constitute one
daily source of ß-sitosterol. In the present work it was compared
content of ß-sitosterol in different constituent vegetables
of the western diet, using cromatografía in layer fi na and
later cuantifi có his content across HPLC with
detection espectrofotométrica.

The analysis of eight vegetables of habitual consumption in the population
Chilean, it showed that chick-peas, lentils, porotos and peas presented
the biggest contents of ß-sitosterol. In accordance with
our results and considering the therapeutic utility that
it has described for the esteroles of plants, it would seem advisable
as measurement profi lactic, to increase the consumption of some of
these vegetables in capable populations. Additionally,
modifi presents an analytical methodology every for the measurement
direct of ß-sitosterol in vegetable extracts.

Lose Weigh
Reduce high cholesterol
Eliminate LDL
Reduce Hypertension

No side effects have been reported until this time but Caigua it is not suggested for pregnants
Warning: Must consult your physician pregnant must avoid to use herbs of any kind.


- Hypoglicemic effect .
- Hipotensive effect.
- Lipotropic effect.

Earlier studies demostrates that the Peruvian "Caigua" as a sterols of vegetal origin (as for instance phytosterol) positively influence absorption of both cholesterols (endogenous and exogenous) reducing further risks dramatically of cholesterol Biosynthesis is of vital importance to the human organism, as it remains in many of our organs ( like the liver, skin, intestines and arterials) being therefore predecessor of many illnesses.

Hipercolosterolemia and/or hypertriglyceridemia are commonly related with the risk of coronary heart diseases, a risk that grows with age, but also during menopause in case of women.

The Cayetena Heredia University in Peru found evidence that ingestion of andean Caigua has reduced the cholesterol dramatically.

Other advanced studies demostrate how the high content of flavonoids may helt to reduce cholesterol

Most flavonoids have anti-germ activity. Immuno-Shield is an immune system product formulated by Dr. Sahelian that has flavonoids and several immune herbs and nutrients..

It is well known that most flavonoids have anti-cancer properties. and a powerful Anti-oxidant

Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants. Extracts from onion and various flavonoids induce the cellular antioxidant system. Onion extract and quercetin were able to increase the intracellular concentration of glutathione by approximately 50%.


There is an extensive research that include blind testing about the Peruvian Caigua done by an Italian University Research team

Analysis of flavonoids from the "Caigua" Cyclanthera pedata fruits by liquid chromatography/electrospray mass spectrometry.

This method is based on the separation of flavonoid glycosides present in the methanolic extracts from C. pedata fruits using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) followed by detection with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI/MS). Chromatographic separation of the analytes of interest was achieved on a Symmetry C-18 column with detection in positive ion mode. Calibration graphs were obtained by determining the area ratio between external standard of each major compound and the internal standard naringine. Due to the sensitivity and the repeatability of the assay, this method is suitable for industrial quality control of raw materials and final products.

Studies on the constituents of Cyclanthera pedata fruits: isolation and structure elucidation of new flavonoid glycosides and their antioxidant activity.J Agric Food Chem. 2001 Nov;49(11):5156-60.

Studies on the constituents of Cyclanthera pedata (andean Caigua): isolation and structure elucidation of new triterpenoid saponins. Agric Food Chem. 1999 Nov;47(11):4512-9. The isolation of nine triterpenoid saponins (1-9), among them six new natural compounds (1-6), from the MeOH extract of the fruits of Cyclanthera pedata is reported. All of the structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods, including the concerted application of one-dimensional (1)H-(1)H total correlation spectroscopy, (1)H-(1)H nuclear Overhauser effect spectroscopy), and (13)C-(13)C DEPT-NMR and two-dimensional NMR techniques (double-quantum filtered correlated spectroscopy, rotating-frame Overhauser enhancement spectroscopy, heteronuclear single quantum coherence, and heteronuclear multiple bond correlation). A comparative study of seeds and fruits has been also carried out.

By Daniel DeNoon
WebMD Medical News Archive Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD
on Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Oct. 30, 2002 -- Pills made from dried Peruvian cucumber ( Cyclatera Pedata ) can help your heart, a supplement manufacturer claims. Now a prominent nutritionist says the claim may be true.

The caps are called Caigua or andean caigua . They contain dried caigua -- a hollow, cucumber-shaped plant from Peru.

A small 1995 study by Peruvian doctors suggested that the pills cut "bad LDL cholesterol" levels by a third and raise "good" HDL cholesterol levels by more than a third.

Barbara Levine, PhD, co-director of the Human Nutrition Program at New York's Rockefeller University, says this is a very impressive result. She hasn't spoken with the Peruvian researchers but notes that their findings appeared in a respected journal -- The Journal of the North American Menopause Society.

"What was interesting to me is it had a potent effect in raising HDL and lowering LDL," Levine tells WebMD. "That is extensive for a dietary supplement. I have seen blood studies of patients in the U.S. who took Cycladol, and that is what we are seeing. This is really good. I do have a number of patients' charts showing actual lipid effects, and it corroborates the study findings."

Levine stresses that people who are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs should not switch to the supplement. And though she always advises people to check with a doctor before taking nutritional supplements, she says that Cycladol appears to be safe.

The 1995 study, by Gustavo F. Gonzales, MD, and colleagues of Cayetano Heridia University in Lima, Peru, found that it took daily doses of six caigua capsules to lower cholesterol. The study lasted 12 weeks.

Meanwhile, Lichtenstein says that the best nutritional advice for people worried about cholesterol is to follow a heart-healthy diet. According to the American Heart Association, such a diet calls for:

* Limiting saturated fats to 7%-10% of the day's total calories.
* Limiting total fats to 30% or less of the day's total calories.
* Eating fewer than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day.
* Limiting sodium intake to 2,400 milligrams a day.
* Asking a dietitian -- or your doctor -- to tell you the right number of daily calories you need to stay healthy and reduce your cholesterol.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cyclanthera pedata (L) Schrad.
COMMON NAME: Caigua or Caihua.
Caihua is derived from Perú and belongs to the Cucurbitaceas family, whose fruit is edible.

The fruit composition is:

Moisture: 93.00%
Protein : 0.49%
Fat: 0.20%
Fibre: 1.60%
Ashes: 1.00%
Nifex: 3.34%.

Dossage suggested : One tab three times a day before or after your meals. After twelve weeks you must stop the treatment for three weeks then if you need you can re-start again.

Do not forget to follow an appropriate diet because, it will also help to reduce your overweight problems. But you must consider in a short time that you will need to make changes in your living way. More water, more green and less fats, sorry but you require to limit your fast food meals and carbohydrates and more exercise, remember that you don´t need to be an athlete just a happy walk will help to live healthy

Product Quality Certification awarded by SQF 2000, HACCP


“I never thought losing weight could be like this. I feel great, have tons more energy, and continue to shed the pounds that have stuck with me since giving birth to my second daughter. It's like I have a whole new life!” – Cindy Bell., Phoenix, AZ

“Wow, this stuff really works. I was a bit skeptical at first, but in week one I lost 7 pounds and now that a month has gone by I need smaller clothes. I’ll definitely be ordering another bottle of Caigua tabs in a few weeks when I get low. Thanks for everything.” – Stephany Toranz. Bakersfield, CA

“I've dieted my entire life with mixed success. I inevitably cheat, but with CAIGUA tabs., I don't have cravings or the "urge to splurge". After five weeks, everything feels better in my life. My energy is up, my self confidence has skyrocketed, and I have the body I had in high school. I can't thank you enough for bringing ephedra back to those who really need it.” – Donald Duffiene,Boston, MA

“I just wanted to write to you guys to tell you how great Caigua, works for me. I’ve been over-weight most of my life and refuse to diet. I want to eat real food, not diet stuff. Your pills let me loose the weight without eating salads every day and I can’t thank you enough. I feel so much better. I might not be skinny (yet), but I’m not fat anymore.” – Peggy Foster., Abliene, TX

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve tried a dozen diets and go on walks, but just could never lose that last 10 pounds. With your product it came off in just a few weeks, and it’s stayed off. What can I say? You’re the best!” -- Mike Uribe., Houston, Tx

“Thanks for shipping my new refill bottle so quickly. I don’t want anything to get in the way of this weight loss. I’m not as hungry now, and can keep my eating down to 1200 calories a day. Combine that with the fat burning pill and the pounds are still coming off. I’m only 10 more pounds away from my ideal weight. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks.” -- Paul Lambranks., Detroit, MI


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How To Preapare IT

An infusion is a method of preparing herbs, usually prepared with boiling water and dried herbs,

Place the dried herb or the filtrant tea bag into a cup then fill the cup or container with boling water and cover it and let it rest for some minutes before drinking. It is better that you don´t use sugar because it may alter the chemical composition of the infusion.

It is necessary to use boiling water and not hot water because only the boiling will accelerate the extraction of the natural nutritional susbtances of the herb.

Do not boil the tea bag or the infusion together or you will loose the medicinal properties of the herb.

The adversaries of Andean culture, who condemn the coca plant, with a glass of whisky in one hand and a cigarette in the other, clamour for its eradication and treat its producers as pariahs should give a plain answer to the following questions: If alcoholism is one of the greatest scourges in Europe and responsible for the slow extermination of the indigenous populations in America, why is the cultivation of the vine not eradicated, even though the vine incarnates one of the elements of the old world's identity? Since the tobacco habit is responsible for a huge number of victims in consumer societies, why is it impossible to prohibit the growing of tobacco? Obviously, no answers will be forthcoming.
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