Herbal Teas Benefits and side effects
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Herbal Teas.

There are a great variety of infusions in Peru and that ws the most natural way to use
herbs, unfortunately exporting herbs in their natural way are forbidden for International
community to avoid infestation and so. But There are available in a commercial packing
Craviola and & Cats Claw teas, Yacon teas, Manayupa and so on. Andean Teas based on natural herbs. Ask me if you are interested in some kind of andean teas.

What is an Infusion - Herbal Teas

A herbal infusion it is one of the ancient forms to absorb nutrients that are contained in a herb plant or root. Most of the infucions use the water as a solvent that pull out the chemicals of plant in this way final product it is the water plus the properties of the plant.A herbal teas or just a Tea it is an infusion,

China it is wihout any dout one of the first cultures to use herbal infusions as a part of their daily diet. In this context we can mention the Jazmine tea, the Green Tea, Red Tea are just of a few of maybe thousands of herbs used for infusions to improve their health conditions or as a part of a disease treatment.

Western Physicians in general do not suggest to their patiens chamomile or anise for a minor digestive disorder. but thousands or maybe millions of grand mothers knonw the benefits of the infusions.

There must be thousand of herbs around the world used to prepare infusions some of them are very popular as the chamomille, anize, green tea, jazmine, mint.in others.


Tea is a beverage that has been widely known in the whole world it start in China or Japan .Reddish-brown beverage drinks generally be guest host. A fragrant flafour and distinctive taste make this widely consumed beverage. In addition to this advantage, there are many substances that have health benefits for the human body. 

Benefits include tea as an antioxidant, repairing damaged cells, smoothing skin, slimming body, prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, reduce cholesterol in the blood, the blood circulation. So, do not be surprised if this drink was mentioned as a benefit-rich beverage. 

Therefore, other than as soft drinks, tea can also be used as a therapy for health. If we drink a cup of tea, then we at least know what substance is in the best cup of tea we drink. Any substances contained in tea making is known as benefit-rich beverages? Here are some useful primary substance contained in a cup of tea. 


Polyphenols in tea such as catechins and flavanol. These compounds act as antioxidants to capture free radicals in the body also effective to prevent development of cancerous cells in the body. Free radicals in our bodies because of the polluted air environment pollution and also from the food we eat. 

Vitamin E 

In one cup of tea contains vitamin E as much as about 100-200 IU a day which is a requirement for the human body. This amount serves to maintain a healthy heart and makes the skin smooth. 

Vitamin C 

This vitamin serves as an immunity or resistance to the human body. Besides vitamin C also functions as an antioxidant that is necessary for human body resistance to disease. 

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A, which is in tea form beta-carotene is a vitamin which the body needs can be fulfilled.

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If you are a serious cancer fighter then it is suggested that you include six grams of broccoli daily it is a powerful anti-cancer vegetable. Also you must include a high concentrate dossis of vitamin "C" as Camu Camu. Mother nature provide all the resources to be healthy but none helathjy formula it is complete if you do not include a notinc for your spirit such as a Pray to God.
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