If you suffer of irritable bowel or gasthritis be cautious to order the right maca root
Clinical studies showed that side effects are not usual with Maca users
- avoid to use those cheap maca products

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Maca side effects - Learn who cannot take maca roots and why
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There are not too many evidence reports about "Maca root "side effects since basically maca it is a root like the potato a natural food. andean People in Peru used to make bread and desserts and eenergizer beverages. .


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Maca Side effects ?.- Are you worried about maca side effects ? don´t worry too much maca it is a root like the potato poor andean people as mashed potatos for the babes and kids too.

There are not accredited reports about "maca side effects" but it is suggested that if you suffer of some kind of allergies or hypertension or heart problems, it is better that you talk with your doctor before to change your diet.

If you are a person with some allergies it is possible that you also be sensible to some of maca substances.

Women who are pregnant must avoid use Maca before to talk with your doctor" and should not handle crushed or broken maca tabs because there is a possibility that some of the active ingredient may cause abnormalities of a male baby’s sex organs. a doctor should be consulted. If you are a person with a irritable bowel, gasthritis must always use the "maca" because it provides a fast absorption.
Maca Extract

Some physicochemical properties of Maca root`s have been examined and the results compared to those of maize and maca starches. "higher swelling power and solubility" than the other starches. Its features in the formation of compacts (tablets)

The gelatinization process remove all patogen substances facilitates a high degree of absortion in the digestive tract due to its water solubility.
preventing any bowel irritation

Be aware that there are several commercial maca products in the market as
maca cereals, maca powder,maca with kiwicha, and maca with quinua, there are also maca candies and gelationized maca.

Always prefer Maca extract produced by a Pharmaceutical company to assure that you are getting a high quality product.

Be cautious to buy those cheap asiatic maca products

Look for any one of the following symbols in your Peruvian Products.

maca organic Side effects


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