Type 1 diabetes symptoms
Diabetes natural treatment
Facilitates the absorption of glucose in the muscle tissue, and it inhibits hepatic gluconeogensis

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Pasuchca. Is and Andean herb used for hundred years as a natural treatment for diabetes problems. The Pasuchaca will help to regulate the sugar blood levels
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Pasuchaca Lepidium Meyenii
Diabetes Herbal treatment Pasuchaca and Yacon
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Diabetes.- Researchers from Maryland University Medical Center found that the green tea may prevent the Type 1 diabetes or may reduce their progression but cannot reverse the damages. The green tea as the Yacon tea it is caffeine free and may help to balance the sugar blood levels in the organism.n the green tea improve  the glucose metabolism  the Yacon herbal contains that may increase insulin activity. Polyphenols have anti-oxidant have anti-inflamatory and anti-carcinogens properties. The Pasuchaca it is a excellent way to start with a natural treatment and continue with Yacon Tea or Yacon tabs.

Type 1 Diabetes
It is believed that Type 1 Diabetes it is an auto-immune disease. it hapens when our natural immune defenses start to attacking our pancreas instead to defend us from external attacks. Researchers doesn´t find the reason why this happen. It looks like that our immune system turn to destroy the insulin produced by the pancreas as a natural process. Scientist believe that Type 1 diabetes it is a kind of "autoimmune" disease.A self destruction process that start inside us.

Then Insulin it is a substance that act as a like a key that open body cells and facilittes the glucose to enter in our organism and use the glucose as a fuel to produce energy.

What is :
Ancient peruvians have been using for a thousand of years herbs as Pasuchaca and Yacon for diabetes problems. Pasuchaca ( Generiuma ayabacense ) It is a Peruvian herb that have many uses in the alternative medicine to reduce insulin.

Effects :

The most remarkable effects I've seen have been in patients with Type 1 diabetes symptoms are to reduce the main symptoms as frecuent reduce thirstsensation, frecuent urination, stop weight loss, fatigue,the diabetes it is Pasuchaca as well with Yacon can have a profound influence on the stabilization of sugar blood levels for Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms. Pasuchaca and Yacon are native Peruvian herbs that have been used for hundred years for the treatment of diabetes or to prevent it. When they go back to your doctor, in many cases they end up needing less insulin.

Uses: This product it is used for naturists as a diabetes natural treatment, but the impact it has on the body's biochemistry is tremendous. It's not a miracle cure, an herbal product, or a stimulant. It's a "natural" whole food that gives the body what it needs. Pasuchaca consists of perfect chains of essential fatty acids, trace minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, which because they're in perfect ratio, are absorbed into the body - not as bits and pieces, but as whole organic structures. These structures then repair different organ systems on the cellular level. They start working again.

How it works

Increases the total absorption of glucose by the body, facilitates the absorption of glucose in the muscle tissue, and it inhibits hepatic gluconeogensis (the mechanism that converts compound non-carbohydrates to glucose). It provides glucose to the body when it doesn't have dietary carbohydrates, and increases in diabetics the reception of insulin to its receivers. Considering that insulin doesn't exercise effect for the transport of the glucose on certain cells such as tubular epithelium of the kidney, it appears that Pasuchaca impedes the reabsorption of glucose through the tubular epithelium; in this way, larger concentrations of glucose would be eliminated in the urine than those presented under the physiologic conditions of diabetics.

With regard to the diabetes mellitus, this illness usually begins in childhood, but it can happen at any age and it is not uncommon in adults. In most cases the onset is abrupt, with loss of weight, weakness, excessive excretion of nutrients as it diminishes the production of Insulin, hyperglycemia (high glucose in the blood) appears, as a consequence of the inability of the body to use the glucose.

Diabetes Mellitus (the most common form) has been found to allow certain metabolic alterations to take place that affect the hydrates of carbon, fatty acids and proteins, which results in a group of associated disorders.

These disorders are due to a faulty mechanism having to do with the release of insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin controls the amount of glucose/sugar in the blood, and rate at which glucose is metabolized. The cells of the body need glucose to produce energy. Individuals with diabetes do not produce the insulin necessary to properly metabolize the sugars they ear, causing hyperglycemia. Prolonged hyperglycemia can lead to damaged blood vessels, which may cause eye disease, heart disease, nerve damage in internal organs and extremities, kidney disease and foot ulcers.

Pasuchaca is sugested for light treatment and moderate diabetes type, as well as gestational diabetes.

Suggested dose: 2 capsule in the morning before breakfast, and up to 2 more with meals during the day.

Learn also about Yacon . Yacon tabs or Teas are also suggested. Learn about their properties.

It is also helpful a Boldo infusion, two or three glases of the infusion also helps to protect the

Yacon and Diabetes
Natural fat burn
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Type 2 Diabetes it is most common diabetes disease "non-insulin dependent diabetes"Patients with this disease produce their own insuling but the insuling cannot open the body cells to provide the energy that our body require
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