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PERU herbals provides the best quality  herbal products as : Maca root, maca extract, Cat´s Claw, Achiote, Black Maca, Camu Camu, Sacha Inchi, Graviola and many more. We accept major credit cards as well PayPal
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Sleep Problems.?
A natural herbal treatment, 100% Natural no side effects: Peruherbals provides a mix of four herbs in one tab Valerian, Paciflour, Chamomile, Toronjil
The Andean Caigua Recently featured on NBC local news in Chicago: The CAIGUA an andean herbal that will dramatically reduce your high cholesterol and burn fat in 12 weeks according last University research. To Read more
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Enzo Piatelli., Project Director of The Italian Reseach Group Milan Italy.

MENOPAUSE,...Naybe you looking to avoid cancer risks due to your precription hormonal treatment . An Alternative treatment is available now. MACA roots. but it is around here for maybe two hundred years. Maca contains some phytostrogens that will help with your menstrual periods and aleviate flashes and other menoapuse symptoms without side effects . since maca roots it is 100% Natural and Organic. To learn more(Click Here)

Body Re-Engineering
A new concept by Hugo Rivera
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Happy New Year 20012
Sacha Inchi It is a unique amazonia product that contains the powerful Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. None other product in the earth contains the anti oxidants to protect your heart and to slow down the anging natural process
maca extract support the individual from Fatigue helps to reduce the stress and supports the body's stamina. We have on stock the one of best sort of Maca products that include the Maca fast action.
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Have you ever seen a purple corn ? Peruvians knows about this strange corn and have been used for too many years to prepare a purple beverage and used to make some kind of jelly. But the Purple corn have many anti oxidant properties learn more( Click here )
Discover how the Red Maca root may help with your Prostate problems
Cold - Flu - Influenza ? An effective way to prevent it just using two caps a day of the Peruvian Camu Camu.
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The famous Johanna Budwig Protocol against cancer and tumor´s suggest that people eho have an acid body are more in danger than alkaline bodies. Dr.s Budind study e cancer disease problems and their relationship with with certain fat She get a 90% success with a special diet and protocol with all kinds of cancer patients over a 50 year period. Dra Budwig suggest to start the treatment with an old recipe from Rv Romano Zago, using mix that include certain herb known as Aloe Arborescens, honey and some kind of a destilated (alochol like cognac)

The best source of Andean Herbs and Natural Medicine
PERUherbals provides the best sort of andean herbals products and natural treatments for; Fatigue, Menopause, High Blood Tension, Prostate Problems, Altitude Illness Problems, Diabetes, Libido and Erectyle problems and even cancer treatments based on the Peruvian Ancient Culture  Maca estract, Red Maca, Black Maca, Yacon, Camu Camu, Sacha Inchi and many other herbals originary from Peru
Peru Herbals: It is Online business mosthly oriented to promote and distribute the highest quality of natural based supplements available, to provide safe, state of the art solutions for your most important health needs. We only sell and distribute the best brands manufactured by laboratories that have been producing quality products under the pharmaceutical standards.
Peru with one of the world largest bio-diversity, hosts over 25,000 species and It is believed that 1,400 of those plants have medicinal properties that will benefit to the world communities; According to A. Brack a Peruvian scientist who is also author of several books and publications about the rich Peruvian Ecosystem and Nature Conservation Literature. Dr. Brack.
 Health Conditions Alternative Medicine
Cancer Caigua , Cats Claw, Camu Camu
How to improve the immune system Super Vitamin C
Energy Level Maca Power
Sexual Potency Libido Problems Seven Sacred herb in one formula
MENOPAUSE ? Maca extract (lepidium meyenil )
Diabetes YACON  Pasuchaca
Kidney Stones Chancapiedra
Libido Problems Lack of desire BlackMaca , Huanarpo. Iporuro, Chuchiwasi
Arthritis, Cancer, joint pain, HIV Cats Claw, Camu Camu
Pancreatitis Pasuchaca
Hypertension Purple Corn -(Zany May)
Glaucoma, Hypertension; High Prevent Cardio Vascular problems Sacha Inchi . Provides a highest concentration of Omega 3,6 9
High Cholesterol, Obesity, Fat? The Peruvian Caigua Manayupa
Learn about the "Super Foods" tested by NASA. Learn why the The National Areonatical Space Administration decided to take aboard the Andean "Super foods" as a nutritional supplement for the astronauts in the space shuttle Maca extract Kiwicha and Quinua.
A recept Report from the world prestigious Mayo Clinic states that the Cats Claw may help to reduce High Blood Pressure. But tradditional use of Cats Claw ´was oriented for treatment of immune disease problems, artritis as we all as for some types of cancer and tumors.
Peruherbals. pioneer providing Peru´s best herbal brands is proud to introduce the Super Vitamin "C" A Powerful natural anti-oxidant that may help to prevent flu, cold also heart stroke problems.Learn about Peru´s herbs and Alternative Medicine as well as natural treatments for Overweight, Diabetes,Hypertension, Gasthritis, Bening Prostate problems, Menopause , Fatigue, Kidney stones, Liver problems, and even cancer.

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Learn about The Chracteristics of a Good Nutrition Program by Hugo Rivera
On Cancer and Tumors

Cancer and Tumors

Cancer it is a disease that always cause panic when a person have been diagnosed with a tumor or a cancer. We all know that some day our existence will come to an end. But nobody wants to know about that date.

Unfortunately when we are facing one of the most terrible enemies of the humanity be just leave all the things in the hands of what we believe that they are who may find a cure such as doctors and specialists, trained according the latest research on cancer treatments. provided with a full arsenal of experimental weapons that some times may kill you faster than the main disease.

People believe that radiotherapy an chemotherapy a sugical procedures are the only and the the right way to go to find something to restore their health.

But not all treatments are just effective as me anticipate there are so many times that the scientific medicine loose the battle because not all the people affected with cancer are in similar equal situation Doctors cannot assure if the patient will survive or not.

I recently read an article at Reader Digest about about a survey they made to know what doctors will do if they are diagnose with cancer. Surpricinly all phycians agree not use chemotheraty but agree to use all procedures to reduce pain.

the fact is that the human body have all the resources to fight against any disease and that it is the reason of the the inmune system. unfortunately there are times that the inmune system it is too low to fight by itself with the cancer powerful machine to crated bad cells ten or thousand times faster than our inmune system.

In that situation that doctors have a solution for your case. The treatment itself may cost a fortune and there is no guaratee that will survide in the next five years or more. The malign cells may return any time or may appear at any other organ inside our body.

Unfotunately most of the time people prefer not loose time talking with alternative medicine doctors so most of the times take the phone and get an appointement with their doctor.

But the true is that there are thousand of stories or people who survive Cancer and tumors by using just natural products and spiritual treatments.

The tradditional medicine does not believe that there is a connection between spiritual things and the physiological system. So tradditional medicine just provide a prescription according the facts they discover according the tests.

But all world medicine schools they consider the human body as a collection of bones, muscles, tissue, nervs and so on but they don`t know how all of those body parts works according our own. Scientists and doctors may esplain how each system works or why it is the function of the liver and brain an so on:

But they also know that an individual under a continue stress may affect the inmune system and may expose to a diseases that include cancer.

One easy example how a none physiological system affect our digestive process and our stomach fill of burns and we experience a strong pain, just because we receive and stressed note of something that affect our emotions.

Max Planck

Quatum Physics explain that we are some sort of energy and matter that change according who is the observer.

Max Planck. a german physics,he receive heir Phs at the age of 21 Nobel laureate in theorical physics: at the Nobel Prize Ceremony he declares.

“As a physicist, that had devoted all his life to the study of matter , no one would surely suspect meabout be of being a a phantasy creattiveI have been studied the atom, for all my life and what I found ? that there is no matter as such matter at all but it persists only due to a force that causes the atomic particles to vibrate, holding them together in the tiniest of solar systems, the atom.

There is a force in the universe that it is either intelligent and eternal, and we must therefore assume that behind this force there is a conscious, intelligent Mind or Spirit. This is the very origin of all matter.” (Planck, as cited in Eggenstein 1984, Part I; see “Materialistic Science on the Wrong Track”).

The Chineese medicine and Homeopatic medicine, as well the Andean medicine have been with us for centuries and most of those herbs have medicinal properties that help to recover our body energetic balance.

Let me just mention just two of them. Olivia Newton John an Australian famous performer and Wayne Dyer one of the most inluential writer in the last twenty years, both chave some kind of terminal Cancer and they find a a natural cure that was not the scientif medicine.

Certainly it is not easy to change your mind and remove that thing that cancer will kill you. But look for training about how to management your subconscious mind or things like that.

An finally if you think that there are no way to find by yoursefl a natural cure then go to your Cancer sepecialist and proceed with their treatment. Keep in mind that the Chemotherapy does no differentiate between good and ball cells they kill and destroy everything. and weakness your inmune system. The Homeopathic medicine it is actually used for the treatment of several kinds of Cancer treatments. and it is actually used and the Calcuta Cancer Hospital since most of their patience cannot afford to paid the medicines and radiotherapy that most of the time involve a cancer treatment.

The Amazing SACHA INCHI The Sacha Inchi, also known as Inca Peanunt, belongs ancient Peruvian civilizations. It is found in the Amazon Tropical Rain Forest of Peru, the plant provides small nuts that are extremely rich and high quality non saturated oils Omega 3, Omega 6 y Omega 9. In addition of their high valuable protein contents. Its natural oil provides a highest concentration of fatty polyunsaturated acids. On stock NOW.!! Softgets, or Oil Bottles as well as snacks.
Maybe you don`t know that the Andean Caigua (Cyclatera Pedata) will help to burn fat together with the Manayupa will help to remove bad cholesterol and also l help to reduce your high blood pressure in a natural way. and the Andean Caigua have no side effects

The Camu Camu it is a a small berry that grows in the Peruvian amazon jungle it is considered a Super Food because their high content of vitamin "C" over twenty times more vitamin C than two pounds of oranges. Just one tab daily it is enough to protect you about disease seasonal changes. But the vitamin C it is a longevity source it protect skin delicate tissue and promote the production of new collagen in a natural way, the vitamin C it al act as auto immune stimulant in other benefits for human health. the Camu camu also protect you against flu and other viral diseases specially at season changes..

Alzeimer a Herbal cure? well not yet but european scientists are close to find it . A recent report from an european magazine inform t that a group of german scientists are stuying in deep some still unknown active compounds from a very popular fruit "Peruvian Lucuma" and their active components as the nicacine and the carotene in a new revolutionary treatment on the Alhzimer disease or Senile Dementia  progressive and fatal brain disease. As many as 5.3 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease that destroy brain cells, causing memory loss. The fidings about this new hope will take some time to come,but will be a good idea to start trying a delicious Peruvian "lucuma" as a fruit or an ice cream.

Bacteria’s, Germs  are our enemies or not?

For many years our respectable and scientifc community blame the bacteria’s
as our true humanity enemies and Pharmaceutical laboratories start producing all kind of antibiotics to kill and destroy all kind of bacteria`s bacteria’s and the companies involved in detergents and  cleaning chemical substancesalso warning about the danger that humans face with those bad micro organisms so the industry start producing massive products to keep your home as a hospital free of bacterias and germs

But after to destroying and killing those tiny living miroorganisms,  scientists found the humans cannot survive in this world without bacteria`s more over also they find that there are useful bacteria`s that helps not only to process our meals but also fight against pathogens or invaders..

For centuries bacteria`s are useful to a lot of products such as yogurt, cheese, wine, beer, an many other products. The true is that without bacterias bacteria`s   we would not survive, they are silent workers that process the foods ,  and obtaining  vitamins an all kind of nutrients required for our daily life, Ttheir colonies  are be available for competing pathogens. This competitive effect becomes apparent when we wipe out a large proportion of our intestinal flora, for instance by an antibiotic that is prescribed to treat a bacterial infection. Diarrhea is frequently are considered as unwanted result, of a ‘foreign’ bacteria take their chance to occupy the ‘empty’ spaces that provide the adecuate home to reproduce. Healthy bacteria that normally are useful feel attacked and our digestive system just send a warming to expell as soon as possible the invaders by another side they boost your inmune system to attack the pathogen bacterias over in time,

When scientists discover when pathogents or bad bacteria`s break the oranism balance the balance due to an infection some kind of bacteria that for some reason bave brak our inmune system then it i usual that physicans select an specific antibiotic to kill the invaders but unfortunately the antibiotics have their bad side known as side effects that in this case no only destroy the the patpgents but also the useful bacterias

In general terms all of prescription medicines have their own side effects that affect the balance our organism balance

With antibiotics bacterias colonies that helps in the digestive process are destroyed so after an antibiotics treatment we require to restore our digestive balance.

Antibiotics destroy good and bad bacterias Antibiotics are the opposite of probiotics.The science cannot discover how just to kill the bad microorganisms. They eliminate harmless and beneficial bacteria along with the bad. Those who ae using antibiotics may consider to re-populate or balance the microbiane colony just getting a diet rich neneficial bacteria and restore balance to the body as yogurt for example, some kind of fresh cheese

Probiotics start being considered useful due to the benefits for your immune system, digestive tract and overall health.

Probiotics are living microorganisms and if enough of them exist, they can provide real health benefits. Oral probiotics are often referred to as “good” bacteria that produce “anti-bad” bacteria proteins called BLIS (Bacteriocin Like Inhibitory Substances).

Just a famous cardiologist who conduct a health TV program, just mention how wrong we are by just just using those cleaning based in fluoride substances to remove all kind of bacteria from our month, he stressed that using those kind of procedures may destroy the beneficial bacterias that prevent infections may preven oral cavity problems.

Studies have found that probiotics are not only beneficial to one’s overall human health, but have positive effects on gastrointestinal function, the immune system.

How to boost the immune system. it is a question that we always make with season change . There are no vaccine available that may protect us against millions of bacterias viruses. The Camu Camu berry provides a good protection strenghen your immune system to avoid kinds of flu or cold including the H1Ni there are millions of unidentified virus alwasy trying to pnenetrate our immune defenses.
But nature provide us with powerful bio-mechanism to reject to protect us of any intruder that we call "Inmune System". the two times Nobel Winner, Dr. Linus Pauling he receive their doctorate from the California Institute of Technology and in 1925,get an honorary degree from universities in seven countries.

Dr. Pauling published in a 1970 abook " Vitamin C and the Common Cold," in which he suggest that the common cold can be controlled almost entirely in the United States and some other countries just by using Vitamin "C" or ascorbic acid [vitamin C. Today we known that the Oranges but Camu Camu, a small Peruvian amazon berry contains twenty times more vitamin "C" than two pounds of oranges.

Dr. Pauling in one of their conferences suggest that if you get some Cold then your immune system it is not so strong as it must be.To reead more in detail about the Vitamin C benefits check this link

Maca Extract
Buy the best Peruvian maca extract at PERUherbals. Each maca tabs contains 800mg of pure organic maca.
buy mate de coca
World´s best green teas, caffeine free. Cats Clas, MateCoca, Yacon, many more. Organic natural.
The Yacon it is rich in Rich in Prebiotics. A recent research in US and U.K. shows evidence that the inulin and oligofructanos promote the growth of beneficial germs in the intestinal flora: Contains; Minerals and Vitamins and a High contents of B1 B6 B12 it is also a powerful anti-oxidant. Special suggested for diabetics
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BPH Bening prostate treatment based on herbs such as Red Maca, Achiote (Bixa de Orellana) as well as Cat´s Claw. All above herbs are powerful natural anti-inflamatory herbs that provide fast relieve with no side effects.

Discover why "gelatinized maca powder " Each dossage contains the necessary energy to keep going.

Kidney Stones
Many people who have bad experiences with kidney stones wonder if it is possibility to prevent it. Some herbal practitioners suggest that a simple lemonade daily could prevent the new formation of those painful gall stones.
natural treatment based on gelatinized maca, secure, 100% natural no side effects
Characteristic of a Good Nutrition Program; Explains exactly what you should be looking for when considering a nutrition program, and also explains the basics on Protein, Carbs & Fats etc.
Cocaine addictions.
New Discoveries
By T. Llosa. Phd. in Psyquiatry
A new cocaine addiction therapy discover the Peruvian Teobaldo Llosa M.D. member of the Peruvian Psychiatric Association. Who devoted over twenty years to the study of the Nutritional properties of the Coca.The oral ingestion of coca, such as chewing coca or drinking mate coca it is a way to provide strong nutritional ingredients that contains vitamins and Minerals. But coca oral ingestion it is
Completely different than absorb coca true the nose or smoke coca. If your drink the coca it does not damage the mucosal tissue of the nose. Teobaldo Llosa show to world their research book about cloridrate of cocaine addiction and how to cure it with oral coca
Alternative medicine and natural treatments have been with us since the beginning. Peru´s it is country rich in tradditions and culture and have a lot to offer besides Machu Picchu and the Lord Of Sipan and Kuelap.their friendly people

Cancer & Alernative Medicine

Keep my mind always that we are spiritual beigns having a human experience so any treamtent must include a treatment for your soul and and treatment for your body.

Be always optimist and have faith and keep fighting. hink for a while that we are not just a collection of bones and muscles and nerves. We are more than that so Physicians try to to cure what it is evident according their studies most of the times they don`t know how the a disease start and for what reason so they know according their studies that there are an arsenal of chemical products to fight agains the disease, but they don`t know they way how our spirit or soul it is connected with our body, why there are so many strange situations that a personal with a terminal Cancer disease have cure by itself. Most of the times physians cannot understand how it happen since they are scientists that they only use things or medicines that have been useful for other patients but not all medicines have the same results in all patients.

Natural medicine provides some lights on the subject because it is addressed to the physical part but also to the spiritual part of our body. If you still do not believe, then check for a while some of the videos of Dr. Wayne Dyear and many others who solve their helath problems just managing their spiritual side.


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